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Oklahoma Legal News

What May Constitute an ILLEGAL SEARCH?

What May Constitute an ILLEGAL SEARCH? Under the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, the people are protected from what the framers called an "unreasonable" search or illegal search. In order to provide a clear definition of what would be considered a reasonable...

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DUI Checkpoints

Legality of DUI Checkpoints At particular times throughout the year, police will set up DUI checkpoints around the city. These checkpoints generally happen around the holiday time, because people tend to drink a great deal more alcohol during the...

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Co-Parenting for Kids That Play Sports

Co-Parenting for Kids That Play Sports Being a divorced parent is always challenging. It's even more challenging when kids play sports. Here are some common questions and answers that arise for divorced parents with kids that play sports: Can the child...

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Holidays After Divorce

Divorce And Dealing With The Holidays Divorce is a tough transition. Surviving the holidays after divorce can be even tougher, especially if you have children. Consider these tips for finding enjoyment in the holidays after divorce. Plan Ahead Plan ahead...

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Modify a Custody or Parenting Plan

How Do I Modify a Custody or Parenting Plan? Circumstances can arise in which a need or desire to change an existing child custody order arises. There are certain ways in which a change can be sought to a child custody order. The Best Interests of the...

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