How Social Media Can Affect A Criminal Case

The way that people interact has changed so much over the last decade. New social platforms come out all the time, boosting the amount of time you spend looking at a screen. It also increases the amount of information that people are putting online. Every month over 2 billion users are on Facebook alone.
But even tho this is a great place to network, it is a great place for law enforcement to gather evidence as well. This information can assist in their investigation and it can be used against you in court. You may think that no one can see what you post because you have changed your privacy settings. But Facebook and other platforms cooperate with law enforcement.

Don’t Post That

If you were to put something online saying that you wish to hurt or harm someone, and the next day the two of you are somehow involved in an altercation; you may be charged as the aggressor. This shows that you had malice aforethought and that you planned to do this. So definitely think before you post.

Checkin’ In

It has become very popular to check in to certain locations you visit throughout the day. But this also helps law enforcement put together your whereabouts in the event that you are involved in an investigation. We know that your family and friends might be interested in the things you do and places you go. However, you should be aware that if you are involved in a case, you are being monitored.

Deleting Your Account

Deleting and removing accounts may actually make you look guilty. Because now you look like you have something to hide. So in the future, use social media wisely. Because social media can affect a criminal case in several ways.
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