Oklahoma Child Custody Law

Going through a divorce is one of the very hardest things on a family. Trying to navigate hearings and mediation are mentally and physically exhausting. With the addition of custody on top of separation, it is easy to become overwhelmed. That is why it is important for you to understand Oklahoma Child Custody Law.
Oklahoma judges always rule in favor of what is best for the child. They take into consideration all of the child’s best interests. Also, which parent is open to maintaining recurring contact with the other parent. Things like joint custody, domestic violence, and modified custody are all factors considered.

Joint Custody

This is what happens when the court gives custody to both parents. There is joint legal custody, and joint physical custody. If you request joint custody, you must have a parenting plan in place that you can present to the court. It should outline each parents roles and responsibilities including school, insurance, and child care. Other things to consider are living arrangements, child support, and visitation.

Domestic Violence

Courts will push against joint custody if there is a history of domestic violence in the home. Custody is usually given to one parent while the other receives supervised visitation.

Modified Child Custody

If either parent wants to modify the custody order, they must be able to show how the modification is in the best interest of the child. Modifications are also done to child support. These things happen when one parent changes jobs, or moves to a new location. How that affects the child with be considered. As stated before, everything must be in the best interests of the child.
If you are going through a divorce or have any more questions on Oklahoma child custody laws, contact the OKLG. We are standing by and ready to help you go through this tough time.
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