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The state of Oklahoma treats a DUI charge as a very serious offense. It can change a person’s life! You could lose your license, car, and even your job and finances.

OKLG is knowledgeable in the state of Oklahoma’s DUI laws. This area of law changes yearly and you need an attorney that is up to date on these ever changing laws.

Upon an arrest for a DUI, regardless if Municipal, Misdemeanor, or Felony you will face two (2) immediate issues:

1.)    Your Drivers License Revocation – You must be aware that you need to seek advice from an attorney immediately, regardless of when your first court appearance is to be held. You may think you can wait – YOU CAN NOT. There are immediate time frames and deadlines that must be met to attempt to preserve you driver’s license and more specifically your CDL if you have such a certification.

2.)    Criminal Prosecution – The days of a DUI being a simple slap on the hand, or a simple traffic ticket are no longer. The political arena, DUI deaths, lobbyists groups have changed the playing field for the punishment for DUI’s and you need to know what your rights are and the severity of the punishment the prosecutor may attempt to inflict upon you. Be Prepared. Be Protected. Call our office for an appointment.

You may not be a trained attorney, you may not even know that you have defenses. We will take the time, the energy, and the resources to investigate your case, so that we may put the law and our experiences on your side to mount an appropriate defense for your case.

We will make sure that you are treated fairly and that your rights are protected. We can help with all aspects of the process, from the Department of Public Safety attempting to revoke your driver’s license to aggressively protecting you whether it’s a felony, misdemeanor, or manslaughter DUI. Do not wait, act now and don’t let a DUI change your life. Let OKLG protect you, your rights, your car, your family, your finances, your name, and your life.

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