Tulsa Criminal Defense Lawyer

The fact that an arrest comes with potentially heavy consequences is not a fact that easily lost. Not only can there be grave loss of freedoms, but also heavy financial burdens as well. Criminal convictions come with more than just incarceration time, but also the reputation that will follow you around. In order to get through this, you are going to need a Tulsa criminal defense lawyer that can give you the best representation possible.
You still have rights. We want to protect those rights. This comes by collecting as much evidence as possible to present to the court. There are a couple of things every defense attorney knows. One is that there is no guarantee that you will hear the words, “not guilty”. Two, there is a difference between not guilty, and innocent. So when choosing your attorney, make sure that you have found one with a track record of winning jury trials. News Flash: you have found one. You are reading their blog articles now.

What Kinds Of Criminal Cases

Not only is there a difference in felony and misdemeanor cases. There are also different case types. We represent you on all of them.
Drug Crimes: From simple possession to trafficking and manufacturing.
Violent Crimes: These include assault and battery, and assault with a dangerous weapon. However things like arson, kidnapping, and gun crimes are also considered violent.
Sex Crimes: This would be rape, human trafficking, possession of child pornography, or prostitution.
Burglary and Larceny/Theft crimes
DUI and other criminal traffic related offenses.

All The Defense You Need

As you can tell, there is no shortage of things you can be arrested for. However, it takes a certain amount of skill to navigate the court system. The expert criminal attorneys at Oklahoma Litigation Group are ready to give your case the individual attention it needs. No two cases are the same, so there isn’t a cookie cutter process for handling them. Call us now to get started on your case.
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