Domestic Violence In Oklahoma

Not unlike everywhere else in the country, a lot of Oklahoma has been shut down thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic. What this has meant for many couples is spending more time together. It has also meant dealing with a lot of stressors that we are not used to. All of these things combined has lead to an increase in domestic violence allegations, not all of which have been true.
We have seen an increase in these charges being filed as retaliation as well flat out false reports of domestic violence. And while it is something to be taken seriously, it is not something that should just be thrown around. We are seeing may new ways of how to respond to these allegations recently as it pertains to criminal cases.

When The Accusations Aren’t True

Police are always going to have to do what they think protects the victim. This is to no fault of their own. It is their job. But one thing that can help is having a witness to attest to what actually occurred. And one that can give an alibi if nothing occurred. These things are important in criminal defense.

Self Defense

A great defense to domestic violence allegations is self defense. You are allowed to defend yourself and loved ones. You just need to be able to prove that it was self defense.

A Violation Of Your Rights

Law enforcement has to prove that they rightfully conducted an investigation to prove that domestic violence occurred. If you were not informed of an investigation or read your Miranda Rights, this will help in your defense.

What Is Defined As Domestic Violence?

In Oklahoma, domestic violence can only occur between people that reside in the same household, or intimate partners. If the victim in the case does not live with you, it cannot be considered domestic violence. You may be able to seek relief against these charges if the victim falls outside of these guidelines.

Contact A Criminal Defense Attorney

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