Tulsa Criminal Lawyers

The thing you hope to never need right? No one ever plans on going to jail or picking up charges. But hey, things happen right? That’s why our Tulsa criminal lawyers exist. At the Oklahoma Litigation Group we are here to help. We cover it all from driving under the influence to embezzlement and more. Our firm is completely dedicated to your defense.

Hey, Accidents Can Happen

Maybe you just left the bar after a couple cold one’s with some friends. You didn’t feel like you were over the limit. Those breathalyzers will get you every time though. So you got some silver bracelets, sobered up, bonded out, and now what? Well you are going to need a criminal attorney for the court date they gave you in jail.
Or maybe you were on probation and missed a payment and now you have a warrant. Honest mistake, but now you are out of compliance. Again, you are going to need a criminal attorney to get it all corrected.

We Are Here To Help

Over the years the Oklahoma Litigation Group has helped countless defendants handle their cases. It’s what we do. And not to brag, but we think we are the best at it. With an entire team that specializes in every kind of law you can think of, there is no need to go anywhere else. We have built our firm on trust and communication. Should you ever find yourself in need, call the experts at MyOKLG to take care of you. We are always available and conveniently located. Let us help!
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