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For an individual found accused of a crime, the very idea of being subjected to law enforcement interrogation, arrest, preliminary court proceedings, jury trial and appeal can be overwhelming. Many are taught as children and young adults that individual persons in the United States of America are protected from law enforcement and government abuses in the criminal prosecution procedure by the Constitutions and Laws of both the State and Federal Government. The exact method of how this protection is accomplished in the criminal justice system eludes many.

The Attorneys at the Oklahoma Litigation Group, LLC, are well versed in all aspects of Criminal Defense. They can guide you through the process from the initial investigation of the alleged crime through the end of the case, however it is concluded. They know how the State and Federal Constitution and Laws operate to protect the accused.


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Let the Attorneys of the Oklahoma Litigation Group, LLC, help you to understand the criminal justice process, help you assert all Legal and Constitutional Rights, and FIGHT FOR YOU! Our main goal at OKLG is protecting YOUR rights. We maintain a successful experience in criminal court procedures throughout the state of Oklahoma, and expedite each individual case as personally needed.

We are here to achieve your goals effectively and successfully. If you need a competent attorney for your criminal defense contact us immediately, so that we can get started. Call on Oklahoma Litigation Group at 918-592-6554 or contact us online for your FREE CONSULTATION.

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