Divorce simply put is a nightmare. Many individuals are uncertain of the financial risks that accompany a divorce. OKLG will fight to protect your individual rights, retirement, assets, property, and security.

We pride ourselves on our ability to know when to stand strong and when to negotiate. We strive to try to remove some of the fear of this time in our clients lives, by keeping them informed, explaining what is to come, and aggressively protecting their rights. We are committed to represent and protect our client.

Oklahoma Divorce Attorneys Offer Compassionate Support
Uncertainty about your financial future and apprehension about the welfare of your children are deep concerns when you face a divorce. At the Oklahoma Litigation Group, LLC, we extend the personal attention and compassion that you are entitled to expect from a superior legal firm. Whether your issue is a collaborative or an uncontested divorce, you deserve the support of a compassionate and understanding attorney. Don’t settle for unconcerned and mediocre representation. Call OKLG for a Free Consulation.
Finding Family Law Attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma
We are aware of the stress that worrying about paternity or alimony causes, and we are on your side regardless of circumstances. We know the difficulty of managing issues that involve your children and your finances, and you can freely discuss every confidential matter with us. We encourage you to contact us if you need to recover attorney’s fees or if you are facing a high net worth divorce.

Been There. Done That. Successfully.

We are experienced and dedicated family law attorneys, and there is no divorce issue that we have not handled successfully. If divorce mediation is an option that you want to pursue or if you need representation in a military divorce, you can benefit from consulting with our firm. Our attorneys provide guidance and support during one of the most stressful events that you are likely to experience in your life.
Choosing Experience and Compassion
Our expertise lies in family law, and we offer a deeper level of personal attention and compassion than other areas of legal practice afford. Some areas in which you may need our assistance include:

• child custody
• visitation
• relocation
• child support
• compliance enforcement
• grounds for dissolution of marriage
• modification of agreements

For your peace of mind and to achieve the positive outcome that you deserve, we offer the most aggressive and tenacious representation found in Tulsa, OK. We facilitate divorce proceedings by working cooperatively toward a fair settlement of cases to conserve time and funds. We make dedicated efforts to settle out of court when possible, but we are highly experienced in taking cases to trial. We assure you of the fullest protection of your rights and the most vigorous advocacy of your interests. Oklahoma Litigation Group wants to help.

Property Division
– Who gets the car, truck, boat, or motorcycle?
– Who gets the Martial and/or Rental Property?
– Who gets specific personal Items?
– Who pays for what debts?
– What is a marital vs. separate debt?
– Can I keep my retirement?
– Do I get a portion of their retirement?

Custody of Children and Visitation
– What is Joint Custody vs. Sole Custody?
– What is a normal Visitation Schedule?
– Who gets the children during holidays?
– When is supervised visitation appropriate?

– When is alimony allowed and why?

Child Support
– How do you figure out child support?
– When and how much would they pay?

We are available anytime to answer any questions you may have during this stressful time, please call or contact Oklahoma Litigation Group online to set an appointment.

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