Most people do not give serious thought to receiving a moving violation. Some may get a little angry, especially if they believe the received the ticket in error. However, many people pay the large fines and move on with their lives, not really realizing how much trouble that ticket is going to cause them.

When you “accept your fate” and pay for a moving violation ticket, even if you feel that the ticket was a mistake, you are admitting guilt. At that point, you will set yourself up for higher fines if you are ever ticketed again, and increased insurance rates. If you drive as part of your profession, admitting guilt can impact your job. Employers risk higher insurance rates if their employees have points against their license, and this may impact your position.

You Cannot Ignore A Moving Violation

Some people believe that when they have wrongfully received a moving violation that they should just ignore the ticket. This is never the answer. If you fail to pay your ticket or fight the accusation, you risk having your license suspended or revoked. This will cause you even more hardships.

If your license is suspended for non-payment of a moving violation and you are pulled over, you will be arrested. You will have to go to Court for the arrest and you will also face the judge for the moving violation. It is never a good idea to ignore the ticket.

A Defense Attorney Can Help You With Your Moving Violations

If you have received a moving violation and you believe that it was not accurate, you should speak to a traffic ticket attorney. Your Tulsa defense attorney can help you fight the ticket by presenting to the Court the circumstances surrounding the event that led to the ticket being received. With the proper legal defense, you will have a much better outcome than if you ignored the ticket or paid the ticket.

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