Increase in Sexual Assault Accusations?

Since movie producer Harvey Weinstein was accused by several women in the industry of sexual assault, the flood gates have opened. Weinstein and a long list of entertainers, media moguls and politicians have found themselves in a great deal of trouble. Now it’s sexual assault in the news 24/7.

Sexual Assault Rumors

Although some deny it, the rumor mill regarding Weinstein and his exploits date back at least two decades. If the reports are to be believed, Weinstein has committed rape, sexual assault, improper touching, groping, kissing, threatened women and even ruined a handful of careers. Booted out of his company and facing dozens of lawsuits and even jail time, Weinstein still contends he is innocent. Well, technically, he is. But with more than 50 women coming forward with tales so profound and brutal, it’s not looking good for Weinstein.

Many wonder, however, what was it about Weinstein’s behavior that lit the fuse. Actually, it was due to a few brave women and the excellent investigative reporting of Ronan Farrow and reporters from the Washington Post, who were able to blow the lid off the case. The drip, drip, drip of information regarding Weinstein finally caught fire when the Post released a front page expose with first-hand accounts from witnesses and victims.

In the News

Now with sexual assault in the news, more titans began to fall — Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, Russell Simmons, Mario Batali, Charlie Rose, Rep. John Conyers, Tavis Smiley, Louis C.K. and many more. Now that women feel safe enough to come forward with the help of the #metoo movement, plenty more names are expected to come out.

While there have been a few men with ambiguous accusations like Garrison Keillor and Sen. Al Franken, caught up in the fray, some question whether the punishment fits the alleged crime across the board. Until things calm down, unfortunately the just are forced to suffer with the unjust.

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