Many people assume that personal injury cases are cut and dry here in Oklahoma. This is a common misconception. You don’t just hire a lawyer and hope for the best. There are other aspects you have to look into. The biggest of which is doing your own homework. Your lawyer can help you out from his end. You also need to step up to the plate.

You have to do your own homework. Find out about what you are up against. Find out if the other side is going to make this simple and easy. Find out if the other side is going to complicate things for you.

Knowing this will help you and your lawyer out. Knowing this will give you both time to figure out your next move. If the other side is going to play dirty, you will have to play dirty. Your lawyer should be experienced enough to know how to do this.

Once you know where you stand with the other side, you and your lawyer can figure out a good move.

The other thing you need to do your homework on is your lawyer. Does he or she have the qualifications to handle this case? Will he or she be skilled enough to handle the ups and downs. How will your lawyer handle conflict resolution? Will he or she keep the emotions at bay or blow up? This is all very important. How your lawyer handles even the smallest of setbacks, says a great deal about the kind of person he/she is.

Do your homework.

You don’t want to have to settle in court. Do you really want to settle with your choice of lawyers?


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