Before you prepare your case, you need someone with experience. This might sound simple when talking about lawyers. It’s not though. Not all lawyers have the experience your case requires. Not all lawyers will have the necessary compassion for you or your case. Not all lawyers are going to have the resources available to you or for you.

This is why you need to create a checklist prior to hiring your lawyer. What type of checklist should you create? This all depends on what you and your case needs. Generally, the checklist should look something like this:

What credentials does he/she have? Are these credentials credible? Will these credentials be enough to win your case?

What schools did he/she attend? News flash, Ivy League Schools are not always the best first choice. Sometimes those who went to a normal college can offer better representation then those who went to the Ivy League schools.

What do past clients have to say about this person? This is a big one. Does this lawyer have a solid reputation to back it all up? If they created a mess for their past clients, how was it all resolved? Did it actually get resolved? One negative review can be enough to ruin someone’s reputation. Remember this.

How does this person handle him/herself in court? It’s a good idea to do a dry run. Watch this person in another case. How he/she conducts himself here, is a good indicator of how he/she will be with you.

–Is this person licensed and bonded? This is very important. If you hire someone who is not legally able to handle your case, this will hurt you severely in the end.

This is just a sample list of what to look for. You can always find more of a comprehensive list on our site. The link is down below.

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