Oklahoma Victims Rights


Victims Rights

In Oklahoma, the state legislature passed the Oklahoma Victim Bill of Rights. Known as Marsy’s Law, this legislation backs a national movement to guarantee that victims have constitutional rights. That ensures that victims rights are fully established and followed. For example, crime victims receive protection from people who intend to harm them. Because they are cooperating with law enforcement officers and the district attorney’s office. Authorities must let victims know their rights, and how to go about receiving help.
Since then, additional laws passed to further victims rights. In addition to the right above, authorities must also inform crime victims about the financial help or social services they may need. Because they are the victims of a crime or are willing to be witnesses. These laws are mostly aimed towards victims of domestic violence. Victims rights cards are being distributed to police departments to further the education of these rights.

Additional Rights

In addition, crime victims have the right to know when the perpetrator is negotiating a plea bargain. They also have the right to ensure that the attorneys file their victim impact statements with the judgment and sentence. Most importantly, victims rights include entitlement to information about an overturn in a defendants sentence. Or the perpetrator is being remanded for a new trial. Victims have a right to speak before a judge hands down a sentence to the perpetrator. They also have the right to representation by legal counsel instead of the prosecuting attorney. Prosecuting attorneys have an obligation to represent the people of their jurisdiction and not the victim of the crime.
If you were a victim of a crime or a witness to a crime and you would like to receive legal advice about victims rights, contact us at the Oklahoma Litigation Group.
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