Oklahoma Constitutional Carry Law

Recently, Oklahoma passed a constitutional carry law. This new legislation allows people to carry open or concealed firearms without permits. The NRA applauds this contentious move. But some law enforcement officials and business owners feel great concern over it. As with any new law, there are some questions people are asking.

What Is It?

Many states have enacted constitutional carry laws over the last few years. These laws rely on the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that gives citizens the right to bear arms. This new law will go into effect in Oklahoma on November 1, 2019. Until this date, you still need a permit to carry open or concealed.

What Are the Specifics?

If you have a gun, you can soon carry it without a permit in Oklahoma. As long as you are older than 21 or are a U.S. veteran, active duty or reserve military member older than 18. Those convicted of certain crimes or who have documented mental illnesses may not carry a gun. You still may not carry in places that prohibit carrying a firearm. This includes schools and government property. As always, businesses reserve the right to tell you that you cannot carry in their establishment. Additionally, in some places you may be able to carry concealed but not open.

Do You Need Legal Aid?

Understanding the specifics of this law can be downright confusing. Even if you are a law-abiding citizen who simply wants to know where and when you can bring your firearms. Over a dozen other states have a constitutional carry law. And some states have reciprocity laws recognizing Oklahoma carry permits. At Oklahoma Litigation Group, we strive to protect your Second Amendment rights and all your other legal rights. Contact our office today to get help.
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