Money talks, and bull crap walks. That is the way the old saying goes. Unfortunately, it’s very true and on point for many law firms. Negotiating a reasonable fee before the process begins can become challenging. This happens in cases where the lawyer throws a curve ball. The lawyer promises a standard fee, then throws in hidden costs. Sometimes the law firm will do this intentionally, sometimes unintentionally.

The point is, you need to get all of this out on the table at the very start. Attorneys with Oklahoma Litigation Group make a point to discuss all aspects of your case (including fees) upfront. No surprises! Just top notch representation for you.

What are some of the common arguments that we hear regarding those pesky fees?


My lawyer promised me it was going to be this “said amount.” When all was said and done, he gauged me. He promised me a two-thousand dollar fee for these few days in court. He later raised it to ten thousand.

This is just one scenario; but, I think you get the point.


This is when the lawyer sticks with you with certain charges, refusing to explain why they are there. This happened to a client of ours just the other day. She asked her lawyer to explain why he was getting paid for this or that. He refused to explain it to her. He asked to have all her calls forwarded to voicemail. This does happen.


This is another big issue we deal with. Sometimes the lawyer doesn’t do the job properly. Sometimes all he/she is in it for is the money. Lawyers like this know they will get paid no matter what, so they only do things half-way.

When this happens, over half of our clients refuse to pay out. We have ways of handling this type of situation, but it does happen.


“I’m the executive assistant. I did the job for you, he didn’t lift a thumb.” This is what you hear from many of the secretaries who end up doing ninety-percent of the work. The lawyer passes it off to her, and she does all the leg work. Then, the lawyer bills the client a very steep price. This is unethical, but it does happen.

This is why you we encourage our clients to keep on top of things. Don’t just put blind faith in your lawyer. Make sure the money you are paying is equal to the actual work he/she is doing for you.


This is another common complaint we hear. Sometimes the lawyer will pad a three-minute phone call for an additional forty minutes. This way he/she can get more money out of their clients.

We suggest having an honest conversation before signing a contract. Get all the cards out on the table first. If you notice that your lawyer is not doing his part, right from the start, find someone else. It will only get worse. When all is said and done, the argument will turn into a “he said, she said” type of thing. Do you really want this to happen? If not contact Oklahoma Litigation Group. Fairness and transparency are always our way of doing business. We are your voice in and outside the courtroom. Oklahoma Litigation Group wants to help!

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