How Child Support is Calculated In Oklahoma

After a divorce or separation, the court takes many things into account when deciding custody arrangements. Family law can get emotional, and people won’t always agree on how to move forward with their case. Understanding child support and related laws is a great step forward for those going through a divorce or separation, and the court takes a few things into account: 

  • Income of Both Parents
  • Needs of the Children 
  • Any Special Considerations That Are Present

The court decides custody arrangements and a visitation schedule based on the needs of the children. For example, both parents have the right to visit their children unless the court deems one of the parents unsuitable. If both parents can agree on a visitation schedule, the court will let them work it out on their own. But the court will get involved if disputes occur about visitation or custody. 

If you are paying more than you can afford in child support, you can file an appeal with your local family court. Changes in your income and unexpected expenses might qualify you for a recalculation. Moving forward alone won’t give you the highest chance of success, so don’t follow that path if you care about the outcome. If you want to get the fairest result for you and your children, always have the Oklahoma Litigation Group by your side when going to court.

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