I Bought a Home With Problems Not Listed on the Disclosure

When you buy a home, make sure you understand home sellers obligations so that you don’t get stuck in a bad deal. Those selling homes have to list all problems in a property condition disclosure, which lets the buyer know what to expect. Sadly, not everyone meets home sellers obligations when putting a home for sale on the market. If the seller does not meet all real estate selling requirements, you could end up with costly repair bills you did not know about. A problem nobody wants to face.

Understanding Your Options

When termite damage, smoke damage or other issues are not in a property condition disclosure, you have the right to seek compensation for the cost of repairs. To get the best odds of reaching your goal, file the claim as soon as possible. Also, get a trusted inspector to come into your home and verify that damage is present, and you increase your chance of winning if your case goes to court.
If someone does not meet real estate selling requirements, get an estimate of the repair costs so that you have a solid number to list in the courtroom. This step might seem so small that people overlook it, but that mistake makes their case much harder to win. Following each step and staying on track is the key to your success.

Contact Your Broker

Certain agreements between buyers and sellers contain clauses. Consult your broker or real estate agent ahead of time. These might require you to go to mediation before filing for a small claims judgement. Mediation is a meeting between you and the home seller with an opportunity to reach an agreement. Make sure you have documentation of all repairs you had to perform due to the home seller negligence. If no agreement can be reached, contact the Oklahoma Litigation Group to handle your claim. 
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