Divorce And Dealing With The Holidays

Divorce is a tough transition. Surviving the holidays after divorce can be even tougher, especially if you have children. Consider these tips for finding enjoyment in the holidays after divorce.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead for the holidays with your Tulsa divorce lawyer by thoughtfully planning out a holiday divorce schedule that both you and your ex can live with. While it is unlikely that you will be able to have your children for every holiday, you can work out an equitable arrangement. Combine that holiday divorce schedule with consistent adherence to keep squabbles to a minimum.

Create New Tradition

Teach your children that a holiday is just a date on the calendar. No matter when you have them, that is your new date for a celebration. For example, if you ex has the children on Christmas Day, your new tradition may be to celebrate the day after Christmas.

Treat Yourself to a Gift

Your Tulsa divorce lawyer can only do so much to protect your holidays after divorce. Protect your own happiness by not spending the holidays alone. Turn to friends or family for companionship, or treat yourself to a long-awaited vacation away from anything that reminds you of what you lost. If money is tight, instead book a spa day right before or after the holiday to help you release stress and feel better about your situation.

Leave Guilt in the Past

If you could have saved your marriage, you would have. Now you must deal with the consequences. Make it your resolution to nix the guilt and look for the joy in the season. Practice smiling and telling yourself that you deserve happiness. Happiness that only you can find for yourself. Your positive attitude is infectious and will help others, such as your children, enjoy their holiday as well.

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