DUI’s and Drivers Licenses

A DUI charge is a serious offense, which often comes with serious personal, financial and legal ramifications. In particular, you may find yourself without a driver’s license. In Oklahoma your drivers license is automatically suspended when charged with DUI. And getting it back comes with its own set of steps. Driving under suspension is also a jailable offense. So do not continue to drive without a license. You are going to need legal council for this.


As soon the court charges you, you will have your license taken away for several months. You may get a modified license for work or school in the mean time. You are going to have to go through several court dates before the case disposes. Once the time limit is up on your suspended license, you will have to pay a fine for reinstatement. Other consequences could include the following:
  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Driving Education
  • Court Appearances
  • Increased Car Insurance Rates


Once stopped, the officer may give you a temporary license. But you may lose that after your court appearance. If this is your first DUI, you will most likely have to take a drunk driving course or go through a treatment program. You will also need to take a victims impact panel. This panel allows you to hear from the family of someone killed by a drunk driver. You will also hear from officers working the scene, and someone who has killed someone else while driving under the influence. The judge may take into account your driving history. Including previous tickets if any, and any accidents or wrecks on your record.

Legal Help

If you post bond, hiring your own attorney is mandatory. If you choose to stay in custody, the public defenders office will represent you. Contact Oklahoma Litigation Group to get your suspended license back. Or to get a modified license so that your DUI does not cut into your employment needs. Don’t navigate DUI’s and drivers licenses on your own. 
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