In some ways this might be a loaded question. Why? Every person and situation is different. With each case, there comes different expectations. Some cases do not need all that much. Other cases require a great deal of time and attention.

In keeping with this logic, let’s boil the logistics down to a few main points.


This is actually a two-way street. If you want your lawyer to be honest with you, you have to give him/her the same. Both of you need to sit down and iron out the details early on. Figure out what you expect from one another. Look at the strengths and weaknesses of the case. This way you know where you stand. Never holding something back, even if you feel it could be damaging.


It’s a good idea to hire a lawyer in Oklahoma is very competent. He/she needs to be competent in all areas, including the specifics of the law. The laws change all the time. Your lawyer needs to be aware of these changes. The best way to find out how competent your lawyer is, is by talking to him. Do your own research and ask him/her about certain laws. His/her response will tell you how competent he/she is on the subject.


This is a big one. Your lawyer needs to operate in an ethical manner on all levels. Your lawyer needs to keep your confidences and be very loyal. Your interests has to come before your lawyer’s. Your lawyer also has to be available within the bounds of the law. There are some steep penalties for those lawyers who engage in “after hours” activities with their clients. I am not kidding here. In other words, keep it in the pants. Too many lawyers, especially the men, have gotten trouble because they couldn’t keep their pants zipped. Your lawyer should be loyal to you, but not that loyal.

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