Reasons To Modify Custody

When it comes to child custody, the determining factor is always the well-being of the child. Large changes in a family’s unit impacts the child’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. Theses changes provide cause for a modification of custody arrangements. The over all health of children have to be at the forefront of the conversation. What are some reasons to modify custody that a court might agree with?

Danger or Abuse

If a parent is putting a child at risk by exposing them to neglect, request the change. Risks include physical or mental abuse, or domestic violence. Notably, the parent does not have to be the abuser. Anyone living in the home having unhealthy contact with the minor child counts. Having a partner or roommate who is abusive is enough cause for concern. Documentation of abuse is a great help to your case in court. 

Parental Instability

Instability is rarely considered good for children. Instability includes frequent changes in jobs, living arrangements or romantic partners. Or the use of drugs or alcohol. It’s time to explore a custody modification. Failure to abide by the visitation schedule, pay child support or follow the parenting plan can also justify a change.


Child custody orders may also come up for review if a parent is relocating. The court would consider the parent’s motivation for moving. Also their efforts to reach new custody arrangements and the likely impact of the move on the child. In Oklahoma, children need to have a relationship with both parents. 
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