Things You Should Know If You Are Arrested

Character Reference Letters are Just One Thing to Know About if You’re Arrested
If someone you know was just convicted of a crime, there are so many things to know as you enter the defense phase. One such thing is the importance of a character reference letter. Our experienced Tulsa criminal attorneys explain.

How Do Character Reference Letters Help?

When someone is convicted of a crime, a sentencing phase follows. This phase will determine the sentence that the individual receives for his crime. Many times, character reference letters are written as a way to persuade the court to be lenient on the defendant.

The letters are written directly to the judge overseeing the case, and should be drafted in a professional tone.

Selecting Individuals to Write the Letters

Those who are generally selected to write character reference letters are those that know the defendant on a personal level, such as:

  • -Family members
  • -Close friends
  • -Co-workers
  • -Counselors
  • -Teachers
  • -Clergy members

Whoever is chosen to write character letters should know the defendant for some time. The letters should include certain important elements, such has the relationship between the letter writer and defendant, the purpose of the letter, and the most important aspect, the character qualities.

Character qualities help the judge understand that the defendant has done a lot of good. The letter should outline a story about how the defendant has made a difference, or simply describe the defendant’s nature. If the defendant has done a lot of community service, or is giving in other ways, those qualities are important to mention. Contact our experienced group of Tulsa criminal attorneys for more information.

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