Admissibility of out of Court Statements

The courts rely on evidence and first person accounts in order to make decisions. And, courts do allow that statements made out of court are, at times, allowed into record. However, legal experts also challenge the admissibility of out of court statements and judges often disallow hearsay. But, there are circumstances that permit the judge will allow out of court statements. For example, statements concerning reputation or even those made to a medical professional may be permitted.


To begin with, what is hearsay? According to legal dictionary, hearsay is “a statement made out of court that is offered in court as evidence to prove the truth of the matter asserted.” Very often hearsay is not allowed because the court relies on evidence as well as first-hand accounts to establish the best possibility of reaching a just outcome. The courts do not consider hearsay as reliable.

Recorded Conversations in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, the court will allow that another party records your statements without your consent. However, things like confessions made outside of court, even if recorded, may or may not be allowed.

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