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Oklahoma Divorce Statistics

In a perfect world we would like to believe that people get married with the intention of staying together forever. That no one goes into a marriage with the idea that divorce is an option. Reciting sacred vows and oaths that you will be together through any number of possible outcomes, until death do you part. However, in Oklahoma that is not always the case. In fact, Oklahoma has one of the highest divorce rates anywhere in the country. Meaning, if you get married in Oklahoma, you are more like to get divorced than the average United States citizen. Let’s look at some of the Oklahoma Divorce Statistics.

Why Are The Rates So High?

There are a number of reasons for filing for divorce. Most people cite financial stress at the top of the list. Unequal incomes and decisions about money lead to disagreements. This also falls in line with the expenses of child care and many couples falling below the poverty line. It is said that a difference of $250 a month more in income could actually save most marriages.
Another reason cited for divorce in Oklahoma is domestic issues. Physical, mental, and emotional abuse play a huge factor. 44% of women and 40% of men have claimed to experience abuse from their spouse. Also, domestic issues involving children are a leading cause of divorce.
Some people just marry at too young of an age and do not fully understand how to make it through life as a partner, tackling challenges together. Immaturity comes with a lack of overall life experience. The highest rates of divorce are couples in their early to mid 20’s.

Oklahoma Divorce Lawyers

If you should find yourself going through irreconcilable differences in your marriage and are considering divorce, call the Oklahoma Litigation Group. It does not matter the reason for your divorce, our attorneys can help you get through it. Call us today or send us a message to get representation for you Oklahoma divorce case.
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