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Finding An Honest Lawyer

We have all heard horror stories about others getting the raw end of the deal from their attorney. Finding an honest lawyer that cares about their clients and their cases is not impossible. You can find an attorney who will talk to you about all of the possibilities and outcomes of your case. Now, there are some instances where you might not like the answers you are given, but that does not mean you are not getting complete transparency from your attorney. 


In Oklahoma, lawyers are required to keep their clients money in a trust account. Make sure that your attorney does this and isn’t just charging you a flat rate as a way to perform minimal work. Also, ask if they charge to the tenth of the hour and not the half hour. The time you are billed for work on your case can dramatically changed based on how they bill you. 

Get Feedback

While there are as many stories going around about bad lawyers, there are just as many or more positive referrals you can get from family and friends. Be sure to also check things like google reviews and directory listings. Trust your gut when going through a consultation. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t hire them. 

Check The Bar

The Oklahoma Bar Association will be able to give a list of referrals of attorneys that have exemplary credentials. If an attorney is not doing a good job, there may be complaints filed with the Bar Association. 

Insurance Companies

If you are filing a claim, your insurance company may keep a list of attorneys they work with to help represent you. If they can’t tell you exactly who they use, they may have a list of attorneys in your area that can help you with your claim. 

You want to know what your attorneys intentions for your case are up front. Ask as many questions as you can. The lawyers at the Oklahoma Litigation Group are standing by to give you a consultation and the representation you need for your family, criminal, or civil case. Call now or send a message to schedule an appointment. 

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